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We have completed our re-branding excercise, offering many advantages to our customers. Our objective is to be the 'easy-to-deal with' company, offering Product Ranges with names that reflect their benefit rather than their chemical substance alone.

Re-branding benefits include:
  • The rationalisation of the Protective and Marine Coatings products which reduces complexity and optimises the range;
  • A global range with a clear structure that will ease the specification writing process;
  • The introduction of new products broaden the range which offer greater flexibility in the selection of products. For a full list of the re-branded products please refer to the Services and Data menu. From that menu a brochure giving an overview of Marine Coatings re-branded products can be downloaded, which unfolds to reveal a poster size quick reference guide.

Products DataSheets
Please click on the link below to view the full list of the products and services provided by Sigma Paints Saudi Arabia Ltd. For further information, go to “Contact Us” section of the site on the left.