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Effective solutions, meeting specific needs

Sigma Paints Saudi Arabia is the sole representative of PPG’s Sigma brand Marine coatings in the Middle East. From our offices in Dubai, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia our specialized Marine Coatings expertise is used daily to support the global activity of our clients.

We develop, sell and support, fit-for-purpose products and services that protect customers’ assets in some of the world’s most demanding sea conditions and environments.

It is not just our experience that enables us to anticipate and meet the challenges of the global marine coatings industries – it is our global operations and trusted products that make us a reliable business partner.

Our aim is to deliver the most effective solution by working closely with our customers and gain a greater understanding of their specific needs. By taking this approach, we have been able to develop market-leading marine coatings for which we are renowned throughout the world.

Although coatings form a relatively small part of an owners investment in a new vessel, they are a significant factor in subsequent asset protection. Our specialist range of new build products help to reduce operational costs, prolonging the lifetime of when the vessel is in service and increasing shipyard efficiency.

Dry Dock
Ships are substantial assets, but their value declines with age as normal wear and tear takes place. Well-maintained vessels are more attractive on the charter market and also command a better price in the market for second-hand vessels. All the products in the PPG range help to increase the lifetime of a vessel and productivity at the shipyard.

Sea Stock
The key to effective maintenance at sea is to use coatings that are easy to apply and still perform well in harsh conditions. All our high-quality sea stock products are easy to use and ensure a more productive, longer lifetime for the vessel.

Products suitable for the offshore industry need to be able to cope with extended in-service periods. Our easy to apply, durable coating systems can withstand the most aggressive conditions.

For more detailed information on Marine Coatings, please visit our corporate website at www.sigmacoatings.com