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Architectural Coatings
The need to protect and decorate our surroundings is not a new concept, paintings of ancient cave dwellers bear testimony to this fact. We have simply become more sophisticated.
Sigma Paints recognizes this and since we believe constructing or maintaining any building is a significant investment, decorating and protecting these assets is of prime importance. Advanced technology allows us to provide the very latest in coatings solutions, from the latest decorative effects to the extraordinary protection offered by Nano Technology by the unique Nanometric Painting System (NPS). Click here for more details
Protective Coatings
Sigma Paint’s coatings are globally recognized as a leader in the protection of steel and concrete structures in the most challenging of environments. We have historically displayed our innovative nature and foresight by introducing the first solvent free epoxy coatings to the world over 40 years ago.
The latest developments is solvent free technology remain at the forefront of performance and adherence to the global environmental regulations regarding volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. Sigma Paint’s protective coatings provide the highest possible degree of protection for fabrications and structures, bridges, and other critical elements of infrastructure. This includes pipelines, petrochemical installations, water storage and treatment plants and chemical; storage tanks, under atmospheric and immersed conditions. Click here for more details
Marine Coatings
The working life and profitability of all sailing vessels, from naval ships and cruise liners to cargo vessels, VLCCs (very large crude carriers), LNG carriers, oil supertankers, offshore installations and their support vessels, are highly dependent upon the coating systems applied.
Sigma Paints remains firmly at the forefront of the Marine Protection market due to our ability to provide the coating solutions which meet every marine requirement. This includes the very latest in fouling release technologies, chemically resistant coatings for aggressive and toxic cargoes, impact and abrasion resistant cargo hold coatings, superior ballast tank protection and easy maintenance systems for superstructures and decks.
Sigma paints products anti fouling coatings tailored to match the sailing pattern of each individual vessel, the seas and oceans in which they work, and coating systems which conform to regional and worldwide environmental regulations.
A coating with the thickness of an A4 copier paper protects a vessel worth millions. Click here for more details