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Sigma Paints is part of a PPG, a Fortune 500 company which believes in corporate social responsibility as an important factor for the company's sustainable growth.
Sigma Paints regards its responsibility towards society as one of its key company values. Stated in the PPG values is the recognition of the concerns and needs of society and is implemented in PPG's operations worldwide.
In Sigma Paints, there has recently there has been a concerted effort focussed on prioritising CSR (Corporate social responsibility) and in this direction following has been achieved.

Sigma Charity Program :
It aims at creating awareness among all sigma employees towards helping and contributing underprivileged, the afflicted and the hopeless.
1)   Our charity program includes Partial scholarship to needy but deserving students for Sigma & Non-Sigma employees.
2)   Supporting auspices\orphanages by providing financial assistance in the form of basic allowances to some orphans.
3)   Providing appropriate medical\hospital assistance to all employees and their families provided that they passed the charity rules & criteria.

Sustainability :
Development of any company doesn't happen in isolation. It is linked to the economy which in turn is linked to the society and the environment. The long term success of any company lies in the realisation of the responsibility towards society and the environment. Sustainability of the environment is critical to the growth of the company.

Part of the social responsibility, Sigma Paints has launched a campaign represented by the Green Group which aims at focussing on 3R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). Following are the three elements of the sustainability objectives

1)   Management of consumption for energy, water and material.
2)   Manage of efficiency for people and processes.
3)   Management of business opportunities for products, markets and supply chain.